The four principles of every project

The essentials for a project


In the last months I’ve learned that both for the personal development and for the team progress two things are very important:

The individual identification with the project

Only if you’re truly convinced by the idea, you give in ambition, élan and creative ideas as you should, to the extent. In the best case I should also use the product or service personally. You’ll discover moments in a startup where you normally would throw everything away. These can only be overcome with true conviction; if you love your vision.

Equal values/principles as a member of the team

Like in a kindergarten or in the classroom also for a founding team rules are very useful. A system you can draw on in critical situations, everyone considers as right and which you can apply to make mutual decisions (sure you have to adjust such a system of values from time to time).

I wrote a paper about the four most important project values for myself some time ago and every time I’m looking at it I realize what is really essential and whereof I can orientate myself:

The four principles of every project

1. Freedom
I will do my part to ensure that freedom is preserved both for others and me and I will also make sure that the activities and ideas of every person in a project are taken into consideration, so nobody is restricted in his other actions by working together. However it’s important to put time and effort into this project, to have the desire to come true in this project. How, where and what we do is decided together and we reflect that periodically as a team. If the current approach doesn’t fit with the attitude of one of the team members or me, we communicate and solve that.

2. Confidence
Beside of private or other conflicts every team member can be completely confident about me concerning this project. I can rely on this base in each of the other members, too. We are a team and stand side by side in every situation.

3. Open communication
Deficiencies, critics, stress (both physical and psychical), cares and concerns are brought up openly. If one of the team members or I have problems with a decision, situation or an incident, we solve that together. As a founding team we are there for one another and support us anytime.

4. Fun
I will take care that every team member makes progress on his way to self-realization. Therefore we will discuss the current course together regularly, check if it still leads us to our goals and update it if needed. This project will also bring many exhausting phases and moments, but after all it shall enhance and fulfill me.

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